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Ad Avis

Your old nemesis is back to haunt you.  He's even more powerful than he was before you tried to kill him.  How did he survive your last encounter?  Why is he in Mordavia?  What are his plans for you?

Where can I find him?

You can meet him in the castle one night, and even live to tell the tale if you are discreet.  He will also try to trap you one night when you go to the castle gates after freeing Tanya.  He will greet you in the dungeon, and even in the Dark Master's bedroom, if you follow his plans.  You will certainly see him in the Dark One's cave after you perform most of the rituals.

What is his dark secret?

Ad avis has always been a megalomaniac who wants to rule the world.  He hates women and thinks they should all be locked away in harems.  He entered the Wizard's Institute of Technology and attained the rank of Wizard, but Ad Avis desired greater knowledge and power.  Therefore, he sought the great necromancer, the Dark Master, to learn forbidden spells and dark magic.

It was to his horror that he discovered that the Dark Master was a woman.  Moreover, she was a more powerful wizard than he, and though she taught him many things, she bound him to her will, and made him her servant.  He fled from her, but not before she gave him the "gift" of "Life Eternal after Death" by biting him and forcing him to drink her own blood.  He traveled to Raseir where he pulled his power play and took over the city, hoping to gain enough power that he would never die and have to serve Katrina.  He knew from his research that the time would soon be right to release the terrible Marad Iblis, and that he needed a Hero to find Iblis in the Forbidden City.  Thus he attacked Shapeir, knowing that a Hero would soon arrive due to the prophecy.  You were the one to save Shapeir, and although Ad Avis used and betrayed you, you finally sent him falling to his doom.  He called out to the Dark master for help, and the Dark master teleported his body to Mordavia.  He rose from death a Nosferatu, a Vampire again enslaved to the Dark Master.

Ad Avis wants revenge.  He hates you, but despises the Dark Master even more.  He will do anything in his power to destroy her, but because he is a Vampire Slave, he cannot harm her unless she harms him first.  Thus he plots to use you against her, and then destroy you both.

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