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Stories of the archmage Erana and her kindness and sacrifice fill this area.  Is she truly dead?  What happened to her?  Is there some way to help her?

Where can I find her?

You can hear her in your dreams when you sleep in the town center by the Staff or in Erana's Garden.

What is her dark secret?

Erana was an extremely powerful wizard.  Her mother was a magic user, and her father was of the Faerie Folk.  Erana grew up with magic and a great love of the land.  Although she trained for a few years at the Wizard's Institute of Technology, she believed that magic was something you did, not something you studied.  So she went out in the world, casting protective spells and creating magical areas so that anyone could have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the world without fear.

Being in tune with the land, one day she sensed a wrongness entering.  Her spells revealed that the Cult of the Dark One was trying to summon Avoozl into this world.  She contacted the Paladin Piotyr and warned him that the cult was powerful, and that she could not stop them alone.  Thus it was that Piotyr led an army into Mordavia, and Erana entered the Dark One's Cave to battle with Avoozl itself.

Erana was powerful, but so was Avoozl.  The final ritual of summoning had not been completely cast, so Avoozl was not truly in this world.  Erana entered into the dimension between worlds to send the Dark One back to its own world.  Just as she was casting a final spell of banishment, Avoozl wrapped his tentacles around her and sent her magical staff spinning through the gate between worlds, trapping her soul and Avoozl in this place between worlds.

Because Avoozl was not truly banished, his dark magic "leaks" into Mordavia.  Because of this, the Undead rise from their graves, and the very land itself bleeds black blood.  Unless the rituals to summon Avoozl are agin performed, and Avoozl banished to its own world, the dark magic will poison Mordavia, eventually destroying all living things, and Erana's soul will be trapped forever.

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