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Katrina (Dark Master)

This mysterious young woman who greets you by the Dark One's Cave arouses your suspicions.  What was she doing there?  Why is she out at night?  Where does she live?

Where can I find her?

You can meet and speak with her outside the town gates at night.  The first time is after day three.  The second time is at least three nights after the first meeting.  You can also meet her by the Castle Gates after you have met her twice by the town.  Three nights later, you can speak with her by the Castle Gates again.

What is her dark secret?

She is the Dark Master.  You have heard rumors of this ominous person for some time.  When you pushed Ad Avis off the parapet in Trial by Fire, his last words called out for the Dark Master.  From speaking with the people throughout Mordavia, you have suspicions that the Dark Master is now living in the castle.  Who is the Dark Master?  What are the Dark Master's powers?  What are the Dark Master's plans?

The Dark Master is Katrina, the vampire Wizard.  She is a powerful and complex person who refuses to accept weakness in herself or others.  She is trying to summon the Dark One, Avoozl, in order to fill the land with eternal darkness, so that she will never lie helpless in her coffin again.

Many years ago, she trained a young magician, Ad Avis, in the dark arts.He hated women, and this amused her.  She gave him "Life Eternal after Death", the mark of the Vampire, but did not kill him.  Ad Avis fled from her to Shapeir, hoping to gain enough power that he would never die and have to serve Katrina.  She moved to the Castle Borgov in Mordavia five years ago because she heard rumors of the Cult of the Dark One.  Here she was joined by Ad Avis when he was killed by you.  Ad Avis was now her Vampire slave, unable to disobey her orders.

Although a Vampire, Katrina was still emotionally a woman.  Unable to enter the town because of the protective magic of Erana's Staff, she had her servant, Toby, lure a child, Tanya, to the castle.  Here Katrina turned Tanya into a Vampire, to be Katrina's young daughter through eternity.

In order to summon Avoozl, Katrina had to find seven rituals which were scattered throughout this land.  She found the "Mouth Ritual", but she needed a Hero who could survive the dangers of Mordavia and move freely by day and night.  It was Ad Avis who suggested you would make the perfect pawn.  So together they performed a ceremony of summoning to Teleport you to Mordavia.

Unfortunately, the Dark One's Cave distorts all magic in this valley.  You were summoned, but rather than arriving in the castle surrounded by Katrina and Ad Avis, you arrived in the Dark One's Cave.  Katrina quickly changed her plans about forcing you to find the Dark One's missing rituals, and decided to trick you instead.  She used the "Mouth Ritual" to open the Dark One's Cave and allow you to leave.

She and Ad Avis spy on you through the crystal ball at night.  This causes some of your peculiar dreams when you sleep at the Hotel Mordavia.

Katrina is a ruthless and deadly killer when she wants to be, but she leaves the townspeople alone, partially because they are protected by Erana's Staff.  It is also partially because she thinks of herself as the ruler of the land, and they are her people.  It was the rainstorms she summoned that cut Mordavia off from the rest of the world.  She is completely self-centered, and thinks nothing of the consequences of summoning Avoozl other than allowing her to travel by day.

Katrina is also a passionate woman who has never known true love.  Your actions will determine how she feels about you.  You will either be a despiesd pawn, or earn her respect and admiration

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