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Monsters and Creatures


These weird creatures look like bats crossed with spiders; they are small, fast, and come in flocks.  They are relatively easy to kill, assuming you can hit them.  Their bite is poisonous, and they attack by swooping by their prey and biting them in passing.


These were once the human followers of the Dark One.  They sought after immortality (and got it, after a fashion).  They can be killed but do not die of natural causes.  The spell that gave them this partial immortality also mutated them.  They now look basically human but with twisted, mutated features reminiscent of insects, spiders, and octopods.  They wear the remnants of their ritual robes and are powerful spellcasters.


These fierce monsters look like a cross between a Rottweiler and a bear that has been dead for a very long while.  The nasty temper, razor-sharp claws, and huge fangs make these good monsters to avoid.  Despite their appearance, Necrotaurs are not actually Undead creatures.  They are alive and vicious.


These are low-power Vampires.  They are undead creatures that have no memory of what they were before they died.  They only know the hunger for living flesh that drives them out of their graves at night.  They may look like walking corpses, but they're far more vicious and bloodthirsty than any mere Zombie.

Vorpal BunnyVorpal Bunny

These seemingly cute and innocent little furry animals have nasty, sharp teeth and a taste for blood.  Also known as Killer Rabbits.


These are the jealous ghosts of miserly men.  A Wraith always hovers near the site of its death, guarding items of value.  These undead spirits are powerful and can cast magical spells.  They also have the ability to drain the health of anyone who ventures too near them.  Unless you have magical protection, avoid Wraiths!


Wyverns are relatives of Dragons.  They are smaller and do not have hind legs.  Their bodies are long and snake-like, the wings bat-like.  They attack with their teeth, claws, and the poisonous sting at the end of their tail.  Their poison can quickly weaken even the strongest Hero, so be sure to have a Poison Cure potion on hand.


This Slavic house spirit inhabits many family residences in this region.  Harmless and occasionally helpful, Domovoi are seldom seen or heard.  Should you actually meet a Domovoi, you will do well to follow any advice it gives you.


This spirit of the forest has a very mischievous nature and is quick to play tricks upon the unwary traveler.  Leshy are renowned for their love of riddles, and can be helpful to those who guess the right answers.  Never let a Leshy make you mad!


This spirit of a young woman who died drowning swims in the waters that became her grave.  She lures others to share her fate.  Only a Paladin can release a Rusalka to her proper rest.

Faerie FolkFaerie Folk

These magical beings remain aloof from mankind, and dwell in remote areas.  However, they have been known to interact with humans, providing they want something.  Faerie Folk are often powerful magic users, especially in spells of illusion.  You will only see them if you are a Magic User.


These strange octopus-like creatures are extremely rare, always hungry, and frequently dangerous.  Recognize a Hexapod by its six tentacles and try not to become one's lunch!


These bizarre and absurd creatures are far too ridiculous to describe.  Whatever you do, don't attack one with a sharp or pointed object - the results will be explosive to say the least!


Eldrich creatures of indefinite, insubstantial form.  Ghosts hang around graveyards or near where a person died.  A person becomes a ghost on dying if he/she has substantial "unfinished business" in this world (such as an unfulfilled vow or loved ones left behind), and if the death was sudden and unexpected.  These ghosts tend to retain some human qualities and are relatively benevolent.  The other type of ghost is that of a mean-spirited person who "died hard" and whose passions and emotions refused to settle in the grave.  This type of ghost wants nothing more than to bring others down in death just as it was brought down.  You'll live longer if you can distinguish between the two types.


Legends say these are the victims of a terrible curse which manifests when the moon is full.  The victim is transformed into a wolf-like animal with a vicious attitude and a taste for human blood.  Only silver or magic can affect the monster in Werewolf form.  Werewolves are frequently associated with Gypsies.


Most feared of the Living Undead, the Nosferatu are also the most powerful.  They drink the blood of the living to maintain their unnatural existence.  They have a natural ability to charm their victims before sucking out their life blood.  Vampires can also create other Vampires from their victims.  These new Vampires are slaves to the will of their Vampire creators.

Vampires are forced to flee the light of day, and must sleep helplessly in their coffins.  Destruction of a Vampire is best done with a stake driven through its heart.  At night, the Nosferatu are virtually invulnerable to attack.  If the Vampire was a Magic User in life, it retains its magical abilities as an Undead.  They are also reputed to have superhuman strength.  The Vampire is truly the most dangerous of monsters!

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